Tsingy of Bemaraha and Morondava in detail


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Tour Highlights
  • Tsingy of bemaraha
  • Baobab's Avenue
Tour Introduction

  This 5 day itinerary starts in the town of Morondava and takes you along the west coast of Madagascar between the coastal town of Morondava and the Tsingy de Bemaraha. Along the Mozambique Channel flow powerful rivers, the Tsiribihina, the Manambolo, from the Highlands. They have dug wide furrows that cross immense limestone plateaus, the Tsingy  In this beautiful and wide peneplain, the baobab is king, it punctuates the landscape with its slender and massive presence and the Baobab path is an excellent representation of it. Our chaotic path weaves its way through this wooded savannah, the red ribbon of laterite is simply cut by the two ferries to cross the rivers   Upon arrival in the capital Antananarivo. The team will assist you to reach the town of Morondava. The city is 660km from the capital. You can reach the city by plane or by car (public bus or car rental)


Meet to Team and transfer to Antananarivo airport. We assist you to take the domestic flight to the west of Madagascar. Your guide will meet you at Morondava airport and transfer to the village of Kirindy

Breakfast at the hotel then visit the reserve of Kirindy where you will meet the FOSA of Madagascar.  After the visit, we continue for the Tsingy of Bemaraha. The trail is sometimes very uncomfortable but it is the only one that leads to this site classified World Heritage Site by UNESCO we cross the rivers Tsiribihina and Manambolo by ferry. Arrival at the end of the day in the village of Bekopaka

This site is one of the most extraordinary ! The Tsingy are true cathedrals of limestone, this dense network of faults, crevices and blocks of limestone sculpted in Blades is one of the most spectacular landscapes of Madagascar.

The formation of this Middle Jurassic massif began 200 million years ago, the time when the sea still covered this region of Bemaraha. Then this huge plate of corals and shells came up. Exposed to the open air for 5 million years, the rain, with its work of erosion, sculpted the rest.

Among these wonders there are 6 species of lemurs, reptiles and 53 varieties of birds. It is also home to one of the smallest chameleon species, Brookesia perarmata.

We continue on the trail to Morondava and cross the Manambolo and Tsiribihina rivers by ferry.

These "manipulation" may take a little time sometimes … It is before we reach our destination that we cross the famous baobab Alley. We are at the right time, the sun is low, the light is boring, the smooth trunks reflect the sun's orange rays. Great photos coming up. We go back to town, Morondava, and we settle at our seaside hotel.

Morondava is one of those villages far from everything, a little forgotten, crushed under an ardent Sun.

The atmosphere here is very calm and even the generally lively market exudes a feeling of tranquillity. After a walk through the streets of the town, we suggest you walk south to the fishing village of Betania, which you can reach by walking along the beach for an hour.

Free evening at your hotel.


Location Nights Type Property Name Rating Occupancy
Morondava 1 Bungalow BOUGAINVILLIER 2 Star S
Kirindy 1 Bungalow Kirindy lodge 2 Star e
Baekopaka 2 Bungalow TananAKOAY 2 Star l
All hotel are local hotel
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