Tour to South of Armenia Khor Viarp Noravank Tatev

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    • Khor Virab
    • Areni
    • Noravank Monastery
    • Tatev
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  • Age Range 18 - 75 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights

The highlight of the tour is:

Biblical Mt. Ararat the monastery of Khor Virap is the closest point from Armenia to see the mountain.

Cable car of Tatev, which is considered to the one of the highlights of the country as it is the longest one in the world.

Tour Introduction

Tour to South of Armenia with stunning view of Mt. Ararat, Khor virap medieval monastery (XI - XIII century) Then Visit Areni vallage hear one can have a chance to to try famouse Armenian wine Areni, then continue driving to Noravank unique monastery located on top of the mountain (X - XII century) after drive to Tatev monastery  hear one can use the longest cable car 5,5 km and fly over the mounatains. After back to Yerevan.


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