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Tour Highlights

The charming costumes, colorful rituals and celebrations, arts, crafts, music, local market and dance of the Dorze, Konso, Ari, Benna, Hamer, Mursi, Karo, Geleb, Arbore and Borena people are special ones to name a few. In the Omo Valley region many of the tribal groups have changed little over hundreds of years and they offer the visitor extraordinary insight into a variety of traditional cultures. 

Tour Introduction

The southern cultural route usually known as Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia is a little visited area of Ethiopia containing several of the most vibrant and fascinating tribes and ethnic groups. On the trip, you get truly off the beaten track, exploring little visited villages and vibrant tribal markets of the Southern Ethiopia. The lower valley of the Omo unlike any other place on Earth has the largest diversity of ethnically different groups in the whole of Ethiopia and possibly in Africa. A voyage to the Omo Valley is a true expedition to encounter some of the most remarkable tribal peoples on Earth!


Morning after breakfast meet with FINOT TOUR SAFRI ETHIOPIA staffs (driver and guide) at your preferred departure point and time, then start drive down to south, drive to southward to the rift valley regions passing creator lakes and rift valley lakes. We will also drive through the Wolayta farmlands, with views of the lush green hills and valleys. If time permits, we visit the Dorze tribe and their village, famed for their beehive shaped houses and their weaving skills. Weaving is a primary profession for many Dorze. They are also farmers, who prevent soil erosion by ingenious terracing of the mountainsides. Around their huts, they have their own little garden with vegetables, spices; tobacco and Enset (false-banana or musa Ensete). You arrive late in the afternoon at Arbaminch - meaning 'Forty Springs' in Amharic. Arbminch takes its name from the bubbling streams that cover the groundwater forest occupying the flats of the town, Overnight hotel.

After breakfast, you will continue your drive Turmi. You will stop to visit the Konso tribe with their king- UNESCO registered site for their extensive terracing and practice of making a wooden grave mark for their hero and kings. This day you will have a brief opportunity to visit a local village and the cultural museum displaying many “Wagas” statues. This is the famous 'wagas' a funerary tradition, where magnificent carved wooden sculptures were created in honor of Konso warrior heroes, who have killed an enemy or animal, and often grouped to represent the man, his wives and his adversaries. The Konso people, who are known for their totems erected in honor of the dead and their intricate agricultural terracing techniques. You will visit the Konso people who have an ancient, complex, and fascinating culture of their own. Here are found human fossils dating from between 1.3 and 1.9 million years. Witness the spectacle of ‘Konso's New York' an extraordinary landscape of sand pinnacles formed by wind and rain. Continue driving and late afternoon and arrive to Turmi.

This morning we start driving south to Omorate to visit another tribe, the Dasenech (formerly known as Geleb), and one of their villages. These people inhabit the areas bordering with Kenya, north of Lake Turkana, and they live on the east and west bank of the Omo River. The Geleb Covering a large territory, the Geleb live along the western banks of the Omo River, having been forced out of the Turkana region by conflict in the 18th century. Originally nomadic pastoralists, the more fertile surroundings of the Omo River has caused them to put down more permanent roots based around fishing and agriculture. The Geleb live in small huts that befit their nomadic origins, as they could be easily and quickly dismantled. Women wear a pleated cow skin skirt with necklaces and bracelets. Men wear a checkered cloth around their waist only. We drive back Turmi and we have lunch in our lodge. After early lunch, we continue through the savannah along tracks that are barely visible, passing through a vast meadowland with shrubs and umbellifers (‘umbrella’ acacia trees) for an excursion to Kangatan Village. This tribe is also known as Bume. The Nyangatom live south of Omo National park and occasionally migrate in to the lower regions of the park when water or grazing is scarce. Numbering around 6,000-7,000 in population, the Nyangatom are agro pastoralists, relying on cattle herding and floor- retreat agriculture (consisting mainly of sorghum harvesting on the Omo and Kibish Rivers). The Nyangatom tend to indulge in honey and frequently smoke out beehives in the park to get the honey inside the nests. The Nyangatom are known to be great warriors and quite frequently, active warmongers, they are often at war with the neighboring tribes including the Hamer, the Karo and the Surma. Here you will cross the Omo River and take a short walk through the local fields to visit a village of the Nyangatom tribe. The elders of both sexes wear a lower lip plug, the men’s being made from ivory and women’s made from copper filigree. After the visit, return across the river and proceed to the Karo village of Korcho, with a stunning location look in over the Omo River. The Karo people, while the smallest tribe of the Omo Valley in number, are also known to be the most decorated. After the visit, return to Turmi for another opportunity to see Jumping of the Bulls

After breakfast early in the morning leave Turmi and drive to Arbaminch to visit and appreciate the very attractive culture of the landscape of the rift valley. If in the first day not visit the dorze tribe, we visit the Dorze tribe and their village, famed for their beehive shaped houses and their weaving skills. Weaving is a primary profession for many Dorze. They are also farmers, who prevent soil erosion by ingenious terracing of the mountainsides. Around their huts, they have their own little garden with vegetables, spices; tobacco and Enset (false-banana or musa Ensete). Then continue drive back to Arbaminch, overnight hotel

On our last morning, we set off for the fish market on the shores of Lake Hawassa. Watch the small fishing boats come in and the anglers selling their catch to traders, attracting a host of water birds including Marabou Storks. Leaving Lake Hawassa we head north, returning to Addis Ababa where our cultural journey began. Our scenic route takes us via the Rift Valley Lakes of Langano, Abiyatta, Shalla and Ziway. This afternoon you are free to explore the diplomatic and cultural hub of Addis Ababa and do some sightseeing. In the evening, farewell party dinner invitation by FINOT TOUR ETHIOPIA with cultural dinner and traditional special buffet and local drinks to experience Ethiopia’s cultural meals and drinks. Here you will enjoy and experience several tribal dances. After farewell dinner party, we transfer you to Bole International Airport for international departure


Location Nights Type Property Name Rating Occupancy
Arba minch 2 Lodge Mora Hight 4 Star Shared
Turmi 2 Lodge Emerald 4 Star Shared
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