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Tour Highlights

-Women cooperative of Argan oil.

-Harbor and blue boat.

-Moulay Al hassan square.

-The Jewish quarter “Mellah

Tour Introduction

Early morning we will travel to Essaouira city, ex-Mogador through Taghazout village, coastal road, berber villages and vast olive and argan groves, we will stop in argan orchard so to see goats above argan tree and visit women cooperative of Argan oil to show us how they make Argan food and cosmetic industry, after we will reach Essaouira when we will arrive there we will begin our day trip from Harbor and blue boat, Sqala kasbah, also called sqala of city or sqala of Medina, is an artillery platform dating from the 18th century, and one of the main fortifications of Essaouira, it located along the Atlantic Ocean, after we will continue to Moulay Al hassan square, it is the most vibrant square in the city of Essaouira where we will find a number of cafeterias, restaurants, shops and banks set up along the strand. The location of the square between the port and the entrance to the old Medina with narrow alleys, its souks and bazars, our tour continue to visit the Jewish quarter “Mellah”, after eat delicious fish lunch we will return to Agadir.


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