Secrets of Almudena Cathedral, Royal Palace and walking Tour

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  • Destination Country: Europe, Spain,
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    Oriente Square, 28013 Madrid, Monument to Felipe IV, in the center of the square

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    9:40 AM 9:50 AM
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    Spain Square, Madrid

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    2:15 PM 2:15 PM
  • Age Range 3 - 99 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights

Explore the opulent Royal Palace and ornate Almudena Cathedral

Learn about Madrid's rich history and architectural heritage

Enjoy a guided walking tour of the city's iconic landmarks

Gain exclusive admission to both the palace and cathedral

Immerse yourself in the beauty and grandeur of these stunning monuments.

Tour Introduction

Step into the heart of Madrid’s cultural heritage with our Almudena Cathedral, Royal Palace, and Madrid Walking Tour. Our expert guide will lead you through these iconic landmarks, offering a wealth of knowledge and insight into their fascinating history and architecture. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the ornate interior of the Almudena Cathedral, with its stunning stained glass windows and towering spires. And at the Royal Palace, you’ll be awed by the opulent rooms and grandeur of one of Europe’s most spectacular palaces. Our tour includes admission to both the cathedral and palace, so you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty and history of these incredible landmarks. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Madrid’s storied past and present.


Entry tickets to the Almudena Cathedral and Royal Palace

Professional bilingual tour guide

Guided walking tour for the historical center


    Tips (optional)

    Food or beverages

    Hotel pick-up or transfer

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Non Covid Restrictions


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Tour Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 1 day(s) prior departure, Or traveler will pay 100 % of the tour amount

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