Rwenzori mountain mini trek 1 day tour

  • Duration 10:00
  • From ₹ 22,815.00

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  • Duration:10:00 HH:MM
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  • Guiding Type: Live Guide/Instructor
  • Guide Language
    • English
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  • Destination Country: Uganda,
    • Fort Portal
    • Kazingo
    • Bundibugyo
    • Fort Portal
  • Pickup

    Fortportal uganda

    From: To:
    8:00 AM 6:35 PM
  • Drop-off

    Fortportal uganda

    From: To:
    6:45 AM 10:37 PM
  • Age Range 0 - 0 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights

Enjoys trekking  the legendary mountain of the moon 

Visit the bakonzo community 

Have a pick nick lunch for the day 

Witness the tradional  fortune teller along your trek

Descending down wards 


Tour Introduction

This tour takes you to the Rwenzori Mountain national Park where you trek crossing over the mountains  to the next town with the views of the great rift valley escarpment. This trek takes you for a full day discovering the northern side of rwenzori maintains (the legendary mountain of the moon). after breakfast, your guide will pick you at your hotel and drive you up to the starting point in kazingo areas for a hike pass through bakonzo community homesteads as the guide point out some of the interesting features like albert plains and western arm of the great rift valley, the meandering Semuliki river and blue mountains of Congo.  this hike is entirely scenic.   Have chance to see blue monkeys, grey cheeked mangbeys and birds like rwenzori apalis, rwenzori turaco etc. experience changing vegetation like bamboo as you go up to 3000m asl, have picnic lunch up in the hills before descending down wards to Bundibugyo town reaching early evening to transfer back to fort portal End of tour



Entry fees

Acknowledgeable English-speaking  mountain guide 

Picknick Lunch

Activity fees 


    Personal expenses.

    Accommodation  while in fortportal 

Covid Safety

All our guides are fully vaccinated 

We keep on sanitising 


Tour Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 0 day(s) prior departure, Or traveler will pay 0 % of the tour amount

Tour Date Change Policy

Not Available


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