Gobi Desert & Central Mongolia


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  • Duration:7 Day(s)
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  • Destination Country: Asia, Mongolia,
    • Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa)
    • Yolin Am Ice Field
    • Hongorïn Els
    • Flaming Cliffs
    • Erdene Zuu Monastery
    • Hustai National Park
    • Ulaanbaatar
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    Meet in Ulaanbaatar / airport, hotel, train station/

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  • Age Range 5 - 80 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights
  • Camel riding
  • The most of the historic sights in the Central Mongolia
  • Visit genuine nomads
  • Explore Gobi desert
  • See Takhi wild horse
  • Tour Introduction

    This 7 day tour is the best way to explore Mongolian landscape with amazing contrasts. The tour provides a primary overview of Gobi Gurvansaikhan, Orkhon Valley National Park areas and visits the best historical sites in Mongolia, including Kharhorin, which was the first capital of the Mongolian Empire and explore the last surviving wild horses in Hustai National Park.


    Head to Tsagaan Suvarga, located in the Southwest of Dundgovi province. It is a big limestone escarpment facing east, which looks like Mars planet from its top and it provides excellent scenery of the amazing limestone formations created by the wind. The place is an ancient seabed aged over 70 million years and offers naturally formed sedimentary fissures with multiple colors of ochre.

    Drive to Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park to visit Yolyn am, a deep and narrow gorge with steep rock walls situated at the southern end of Altai Mountain Range. The Gorge is named after vulture, which is called Yol in Mongolian as well as known as ice canyon. The ice field reaches over 3m deep in some years, and stretches several kilometers. The ice field remained whole year round in the past years, but lately the ice tends to disappear in mid-July due to global warming.

    Head to Khongor sand dunes, the second largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia that offers the iconic images of the Gobi Desert which we strive for. The dunes stretched in an extraordinary 120km, 3-28km wide and about 300m high from its base to top. Here we’ll enjoy camel riding in the endless steppe and climb up to the peak of a singing dune to see gorgeous sunset and amazing panoramic views of the surrounding oasis.

    Drive to "The Flaming Cliffs or Bayan Zag – saxaul forest lies around 90 km from the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park. The place became famous with its first scientifically recognized dinosaur fossilized eggs in the world and different species of dinosaur skeletons were discovered by Roy Andrew Chapman, American explorer in 1923.

    Head to Kharkhorin village, an ancient capital of the Great Mongolian Empire, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Upon arrival in the village, we'll visit the earliest surviving monastery “Erdene Dzuu”, constructed with stones nearby ruins of the ancient Mongolian capital of Kharakhorum in 1586 by Abtai Sain King. The Monastic complex was also inscribed on the List of World Heritage in 2004 as a part of the Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape. Before heading our accommodation, we’ll enjoy some exhibits and artifacts in Kharkhorum museum.

    Travel to Hustai national park where the famous Mongolian wild horses, known to the equine world as Equus Przewalskii, reintroduced from world zoos to Mongolia since 1992. Upon arrival at the destination, have a brief introduction of the Takhi horse and biodiversity of Hustai national park and continue the driving to the habitat of the last surviving subspecies of wild horse “Takhi” to explore.

    Drive back to Ulaanbaator city and transferred to accommodation.


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