Full Day City Tour

  • Duration 05:30 Private Tour Available
  • From ₹ 3,500.00

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  • Guiding Type: Live Guide/Instructor
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  • Destination Country: Asia, India,
    • Mumbai
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  • Age Range 5 - 80 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights

Best moment of life is when you travel carefree”

Every hour of life indicates us to live more and explore more! At Linda Tours, We give you the pleasure to live life to the fullest. The pages of Mumbai determine historic events, serene coastal bay, charismatic beaches, phenomenal places and ravishing religious places of the city.

The Chapters of Mumbai also holds the beauty of understanding the art and culture of the place. When you sign up with us, we ensure that you get to learn even the minutest aspect of Mumbai.

Thought the city dwells in the cosmopolitan crowd, every festival here is celebrated with great joy and spirit. Mumbai is a perfect treat for camera lens when it comes to going for market tours, shopping tours, caves excursions and much more. At Linda Tours, we do offer you with unparallel solutions for all your travel needs.


Full day Tour Includes Exploring following Locations:

  • Hanging Garden
  • HajiAli Mosque
  • Dhobi Ghat
  • Gateway Of India
  • Rajabai Tower.
  • Marine drive
  • Chowpatty beach
  • Mani Bhavan
  • Tower of silence
  • CST station
  • Temples
  • Crowford market
  • Colaba Causeway


Timing and Schedule:

We are open all days.

Time: 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Timing is based on your convenience.

Tour includes

  • Air-conditioned car.
  • Highly trained professional English speaking guide.
  • Water bottles
Tour Introduction

We give meaning to your travel tale from the time of inception. The continuous patronage in tour operating businesses and providing contented solutions is a remarkable affirmation of our toiled work for 12 years and counting. The hard competency and knowledge of Linda Tours have helped to give you interim solutions for your custom travel needs. We are privileged and respect the fact that you have choose us for your travel journey therefore we are punctual, disciplined by providing all kind of tours with friendly guides and cars with polite chauffeurs. When you are all set to fulfill the desire of your bucket list and make passion come true, we go beyond edge and set the best itinerary for you. Our expanse and reach is so vast that under one cloud we allow you to freely choose from different packages and myriad list of places according to your travel needs. Even before you travel, everything is systematically planned that ensures a stress free holiday experience. If planning visit in Mumbai or wish to see the best of places in Mumbai, Our one day tour packages could solve this purpose very easily. Our professional guides will truly accustom you with life and culture.


Tour includes

  • Air-conditioned car.
  • Highly trained professional English speaking guide.
  • Water bottles


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Covid Safety

All our staff is Vaccinated, Car always sanitized before and after every tour.


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Tour Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 1 day(s) prior departure, Or traveler will pay 20 % of the tour amount

Free Cancellation before 24 hours

Tour Date Change Policy

Tour Date can be changed 4 day(s) prior departure


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