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  • Destination Country: Africa, Ghana,
    • Accra
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    Meeting Point Options: Rail or Bus Station, Monument/Building, Suggested by Guide: Client can give specific location or meeting point for pick up

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    7:07 AM 10:06 AM
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    Holiday Inn Hotel

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    10:12 AM 12:07 PM
  • Age Range 14 - 80 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights
  • During this memorable full day private tour you will see all the most exciting and popular sights and experience the tour of Accra, capital of Ghana, take you through the administrative and economic districts of the city to experience the flavor of this 132-year-old city, which features a blend of colonial and modern architecture.
  • We'll see all of the things you would see on an ordinary tour - they're certainly worthwhile. But I will also show you the special things that make Accra great. As your private tour guide, I can adjust the schedule, duration and activities to meet your needs. Please let me know of any special requests you have.
  • You will visit the Makola Central Market of Accra
  • Explore Accra International conference art and craft centre, where you can buy souvenirs
Tour Introduction

Welcome to Ghana. During our full day private tour you will see all the interesting and popular sights Accra has to offer with an exciting experience that will warm your hearts. I will take you through the beautiful city of Accra to see the historical sites that makes Ghana beautiful.We'll see all of the monumental places in Accra and they're certainly worthwhile. I will also show you the special things that make Accra beautiful. As your private tour guide, I can adjust the schedule, duration and activities to meet your needs. Please let me know of any special requests you may have.


  • Meeting and assistance upon arrival.
  • Assistance at departure
  • Professional Tour Guide Fee
  • Round-trip airport/hotel transfers.
  • Transportation in private vehicle.
  • Admission to all listed sites and institutions.
  • Meals as indicated in itinerary.


    • Airfare to/from Ghana.
    • Meals not listed.
    • Immunization. (Yellow Fever Required, Malaria Prophylactics Recommended)
    • Hotel/Accomodation
    • Travel insurance.
    • Gratuity to driver and guide.

Covid Safety

Tours By Kormi Covid-19 Travel Update

As we emerge from lock down and West Africa has started to reopen our borders for international travel; we begin to move towards operating our holidays once again, we are adopting a series of important measures to keep our clients and colleagues safe.

Your health and safety are our main priority. Our company will is adapting, and reassessing protocols daily based on current government and world health organization’s advice, guidelines and our industries best practice. As a Travel and Tour Guide and a Destination Management Company , we have outlined additional information for our cherished clients below.

Prior to departure

Prior to travel, we will let you know of any specific requirements for entry into your destination country. We will also let you know of expected screening requirements at arrival and departure airports, and of any specific health requirements relating to Covid-19.

If you, or someone that you have been in close contact with, is displaying symptoms of Covid-19, you MUST NOT TRAVEL under any circumstances. This applies in the 14 days prior to your scheduled departure. Please be aware that Travel insurance – Covid-19 cover is now available with some insurers. Most policies will provide Covid-19 cover for cancellation prior to travel, for curtailment of your trip and medical expenses whilst overseas.

What to expect during air travel

For detailed guidance, please visit your chosen airlines official website for up to date information. Please remember that this way of travel will be new to everyone! If you are unsure about anything or feel uneasy, drop us an email or if already travelling just ask a member of the airport staff. They are there to help.

What to expect during our tours

• On arrival at the airport when passing through immigration and customs please use the hand sanitizers provide at the arrival halls prior to meeting your guide and driver. Our team will also have sanitized their hands and the vehicle prior to your arrival and meeting you.

• Face coverings/masks currently are always to be worn when out in public places

• We have been working closely with our accommodation providers locally, and you will see many new measures in place as a result, including amended arrival and check-out processes, hand sanitisers located around the hotel, enhanced cleaning measures, and changes to restaurant set ups.

Rooms are regularly sanitised, and we are no longer able to offer room sharing with other tour participants, unless you know each other and are travelling together.

• When travelling in any of our vehicles we will reduce the capacity to ensure everyone has a spare seat next to them. If you are on a private tour travelling with family or friends in your (bubble), then this would not be necessary. You will be asked to keep to the same seat during the course of each day and to then rotate the following day. Your dedicated driver will clean the vehicle thoroughly at the end of each day as well as sanitising door handles during the course of the day. Social distancing requirements at the time of travel may mean that you will be required to wear a face covering during travel.

• Whenever our team members are preparing and handling food, utmost care will be taken with regard to hygiene. Meals will be eaten outside wherever possible. If we eat inside, we will ensure that there is sufficient space between place settings.

• Hand sanitiser will be available throughout all of our tours (though please ensure you bring a good supply yourself too), and we will enable regular hand-washing during the course of the day wherever possible. • We ask you to respect minimum social distancing at all times which is currently 1 meter where possible.

Tours By Kormi staff will be following Covid-19 guidelines and protocols for their safety, the safety of our participants and the public As we get used to the new norm, many of the above guidelines may seem daunting but, they will have little to no effect on the enjoyment of your time travelling with us. Most locations we visit are in remote locations and we are sure these guidelines will reduce over time and travellers will make many second nature.


Tour Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 7 day(s) prior departure, Or traveler will pay 20 % of the tour amount

Tour Date Change Policy

Tour Date can be changed 10 day(s) prior departure

Good To Know

Before Embarking

  • Obtain your visa for travel to Ghana
  • Receive a required yellow fever vaccination and bring proof of such vaccination.
  • Purchase travel insurance of the desired coverage.
  • Arrival at Kotoka International Airport, your vaccination card will be examined upon arrival. Queue at Immigration to have your passport with an entry visa examined.

1. MEDICINES YOU’LL NEED Arrange to go see a travel doctor to make sure all your vaccinations is up to date. The most common vaccinations recommended will be things like cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and yellow fever. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is needed to enter Ghana – so this is a must. Malaria is also common. You’ll need to get prescription from your doctor to prevent catching this mosquito born nasty. Also remember to bring along precautions against insect bites including using an insect repellent (preferably one with at least 20% deet) and wear long, loose-fitting, light clothing. Unless you have literally lined your stomach in some kind of iron plating you should prepare for at least one stomach upset – it completes the full African experience. You can also ask your travel doctor for a general antibiotic for if you get stuck with a bad stomach bug. Additionally, get a hand sanitizer and make it your best friend.

2. INSURANCE IS A MUST This is particularly. Doctors and hospitals often request immediate cash payment for medical treatment. In the event of a serious illness or accident, medical evacuation to a destination with the appropriate facilities is necessary! Insurance will ensure that you will get all your money back when you return home. Travel insurance will also prove useful in the unlikely event that your bags go missing and you need to buy some emergency jocks or whatever. If any of these unlikely events occur, make sure you keep all receipts for when you claim back home. Having to get insurance doesn’t mean that something bad is going to happen, life is unpredictable and it’s best to be prepared!

Make sure you’ve got a VISA card or a money card. Chat to your bank about your options, but investigate the offers and make sure you know what costs are associated with transactions and withdrawal fees. If you get a travel card make sure you ask to load up your card with US dollars/Euros/Pounds. It is often difficult to get funds from an ATM at times. So I’d recommend bringing lots of USD/Euros/ Pounds in cash. Most of the time locals will trade with US dollars /Euros/Pounds over their own currency so it is really handy to have. Also let your bank know that you are planning to travel to Africa.

It's definitely worth bringing a phone. It is also worthwhile going and speaking to your network provider and making sure you turn off data roaming etc. That way you can use Wi-Fi and be able to contact other group members if needed. You don’t want to be hit with a huge bill when you get back so make sure you get all the proper things switched off before we go.

Make copies of your passport, insurance and plane tickets. Leave copies at home, as well as taking some copies to put in your luggage and backpacks. This takes out a whole lot of hassle if your passport/insurance/plane tickets go missing.

The power points are the same as the UK ones so bring an adapter to charge your phones. You can buy these from bag shops or travel stores. Don’t stress if you forget though, you can buy universal chargers by the dozen in Ghana.

Be prepared to stock up on some tinned food at the supermarkets to take into the rural areas. Keep in mind that traditional Ghanaian food may not be to your liking, so please remain respectful and stock up on snacks instead! It is also handy to bring along some Spirulina capsules which are basically vegetables in capsule form. Like from the future. They give us lots of nutrients!

Penalties for drug offences are severe and include mandatory prison sentences. Reassess your need to dabble with prohibited drugs (and perhaps your life choices in general) - it’s just not worth it. As in most places you can’t photograph government buildings, airports and bridges and remember areas may not always be clearly marked or defined. As your private tour guide I will ask permission first before you can be able to take photographs in some areas.

In regards to guide tipping, as in all other areas of the hospitality industry, tips are a major part of service employees’ income. Tips are performance-based and should be provided in exchange for excellent service. Somewhere in the range of $10-$20 per day will make them happy, or for groups, a minimum of $3 per person per day. These tips should be collected by someone on behalf of your group at the end and given to the guide, who will share them with any other tour staff. If meals are included in your tour, then tips to your servers are also included. Of course, if anyone is exceptional or goes beyond expectations to make an favorable impression, it is acceptable for you to provide an additional tip or gift or some sort.

Exchange or donate your Ghana currency. Donate or leave behind any clothing or personal supplies that you can easily replace. Every bit helps here! Pack well for the trip home. Your bags will be weighed and inspected at the airport check-in. Kindly be informed of what you may legally bring into your home country. Private tour planning is easy with me! FINALLY, DON’T ASSUME YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST
What works in your country may not work over there – so don’t assume you know better. It’s all about R E S P E C T. Keeping all these things in mind will help prepare you for an amazing journey. And it will be amazing.



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