Experience Benin Voodoo festival

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  • Age Range 18 - 79 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights
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Programme Outline:
Day 1: 9th January-Arrival and picked up by Confidence and his assistant to the hotel.  Depending on your arrival time we shall on this experience the night life in Cotonou or drive down to ouidah for overnight. 
Day 2: 10th January-Experience the voodoo festival Ouidah- Python temple, Ouidah fetish market. Gelede, fire dance, Voodoo: dance and mask
Day 3: Egungun dance performance photography. Portnovo/Ouidah
Day 4:  Ganvie stilth village. Lake Nokuoe photography of this local tribes people about 35000 of them living on the lake.
 Day 5:  A full day trip to the north. Stop over at abomey for photos. Continue to Djougou /Atakora / pendjari, Teneka. Overnight in Djougou. 
Day 6:  Atakora and teneka tribes. Overnight at the hotel. 
Day 7: A full day photography of the Teneka and Tambameri tribes men.
Day 8:   Cross the border into Togo from Djougou  and photography continues with the Tamberima tribes. 
 Day 9: Continues in Togo baser region and leave for Lome the capital later in the day. Overnight in Lome. 
Day 10: Photography continues in Lome fetish market, Togoville, Agbodrafo and later visit  the beach for relaxation and departure.
Tour Introduction

The hallmark of this trip is to experience the voodoo festival . Undertake Important Photography and Film Objective; Authentic Voodoo  ceremony and dances - TRIBES, the real traditional West Africa.


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