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    • Baragoi
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    • Karare
    • Nairobi
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  • Age Range 16 - 75 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights

Kenya’s culture is heavily influenced by expat workers, migrants and inter-marriages that occurred when the first foreign settlers arrived at the East African coast. As a result, it is possible to visit some of the most primitive tribes in Africa and also those that have embraced modern ways of living in the major cities/islands. Each major town and city has its own cultural identity depending on the dominant tribe in the area. English is the national language but Swahili is the dominant language. Each tribal group still speak their own language but Swahili helps unite every everybody.

Tour Introduction

Cultural Tours in Kenya takes you for an amazing encounter with Kenya’s indigenous tribes. Visiting Kenya’s tribes exposes you to their traditional beliefs, dances, pastoral life, festivals, marriage ceremonies, polygamous practices, food and lifestyles. While visiting theses tribes, you will notice just how hospital Kenyans are to foreigners. The Kenyan culture is so interesting that many visitors have chosen to stay permanently after interacting with the locals.


Drive from Nairobi and arrive in Samburu for dinner and sleep over in Simba lodge Samburu

Early morning game drive in Samburu and Buffalo springs game reserves. Back to camp for lunch then later in the afternoon visit the Samburu tribe. Back to camp in the evening for dinner and sleep over.

Drive North and begin day at reteti elephant sanctuary then proced to Ngurunit. Arrive Ngurunit later in the afternoon, check in and visit communities and the sliding falls. Back to Ndoto camp for dinner and sleep over.

Drive to Nachola Baragoi, check in Nachol camp, check in and relax.

Before breakfast, head out to community homestead and see their morning activities. Later have bush breakfast then proceed to Turkana community ceremony and dances. Back to camp for lunch then visit community projects within Baragoi.

drive to loiyangalani towards Lake Turkana. Arrive and check in Malabo resort. After checking in, go for a swim in Lake Turkana and sundowner. Back to camp for dinner and sleep over.

After breakfast, go for a boat ride towards Southern or Central Island. Visit the smallest tribe in Kenya, the El molo at the El molo bay. Interact with them then head back to camp for lunch. After lunch, visit the Loiyangalani museum and sundowner. Back to camp for dinner and sleep over.

Drive to Karare Marsabit. Check in Lenaa camp, relax, dinner and sleep over.

After breakfast,visit the rendile tribe homestead and experience their morning activities. Later visit the Marsabit National park and see the calderas then later back to camp for lunch. After lunch, visit rendile women project then back to camp for dinner and sleep over.

Drive back to Nairobi.


Location Nights Type Property Name Rating Occupancy
Samburu 2 Hotel Samburu Simba Lodge 5 Shared
Ngurunit 1 Resort Ndoto camp 3 Shared
Baragoi 2 Camping Nachola Camp Unrated Shared
Loiyangalani 2 Resort Malabo Unrated Shared
Marsabit 2 Resort Lenaa Camp 4 Shared
Nairobi 1 Hotel Tobriana Hotel 4 Shared
Most areas in Northern Kenya are hot, so some accommodation facilities are tented camps. 

Both Local and international flights can be booked upon clients request

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Clients to cover their own insurance.

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Free cancellation up to 30 day(s) prior departure, Or traveler will pay 50 % of the tour amount

COVID 19 certificate is a must

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