Camel Trek

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  • Destination Country: Asia, Jordan,
    • Wadi Rum Village
    • Lawrence’s Spring
    • Khazali inscriptions
    • Lawrence’s House
    • Wadi Rum Reserve
    • Wild Wadi Rum Tours
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    Wadi Rum Village

    From: 9:30 AM
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    Wadi Rum Village

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    8:30 AM 9:30 AM
  • Age Range 5 - 100 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights

overnight at traditional Bedouin camp

Bedouin dinner cooked under the ground

ride your camel over huge sand dunes and through canyons

magnificent desert views

lunch in the desert

stop at many picturesque and meaningful sites

Tour Introduction

Embark on an extra-ordinary desert adventure, travelling like the ancient Bedouins used to do! This slow, but memorable mode of transport is an unforgettabe experience, as it gives you a feeling of life in the old days. You will stop at ancient inscriptions which were used as signs and route explanations to point the traveler to certain landmarks, for example or drawings of occurrences that happened during that time. We will show you an important water hole which has been used ever since to provide water for travelers, camels and other lifestock (you will also let your camel drink!) You will ride over huge sand dunes, through canyons. You will be with your camel all day, until we reach the Bedouin camp in the evening.  It is a beautiful experience, especially when riding into the sunset. Admire towing mountians, rocks, and breathtaking desert views.  


After welcoming you with a cup of tea in our family house in the village, we embark on our adventure. First we stop at Lawrence Spring, where you can let your camel drink, then a big sand dune you climb up on foot and run/ jump down. Then we ride to Khazali Mountain, where we will show you ancient inscriptinos inside Khazali Canyon. Afterwards, we pass Little Rock Arch which you can scramble up. Now the camels will lead us to Lawrence House, famous from the 1962 movie Lawrence of Arabia. We will stop at a nice place to have lunch, then continue riding over dunes and different coloured sand, until we reach the camp. We will ride during the sinking sun, and either stop for sunset viewing in a pretty spot on the way, or you can watch it from the camp. At the camp you will enjoy Bedouin food, sit around the fire with traditional music being played for you on the oud, gaze at stars, and have a good nights rest. In the morning after buffet breakfast we go back to the village. If you want to include riding through canyons and to many more scenic places, for a deeper experience, please book the 2 day option under "Additional Services"


Location Nights Type Property Name Rating Occupancy
Wild Wadi Rum Camp 1 Select One Wild Wadi Rum Camp Unrated Private

Our traditional Bedouin camp is middle-sized and we keep the number of guests low, so everybody can benefit from a more personal as well as quiet, pieceful and relaxing environment.

Sit around the fire, share stories, listen to Bedouin music we play on the oud (maybe we will even demonstrate some traditional dancing!), gaze at stars...

We have solar-powered hot showers and phone charging. Dinner, lots of Bedouin tea and biscuits, as well as breakfast included.

Alternatively, you can sleep out in the desert under the stars. All sleeping materials are included, and dinner will be cooked traditionallly over the fire.


Pickup & Drop-Off
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We will meet in Wadi Rum Village. Call or whatsapp us shortly before you arrive so we can give you directions. 

You can find us on google maps, and the staff at the visitor centre is also happy to assist you.


Our Bedouin guides are happy to share culture and answer your question about Bedouin way of life.

They know every stone in the desert and have years of experience in guiding tourists.

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  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

breakfast buffet (humous, halva, goat cheese, biscuits, labaneh, eggs, zattar with olive oil, jam, cheese, bread, tea, coffee

packed lunch or lunch cooked over the fire in the desert

lots of tea with biscuits

dinner buffet (big variety of Jordanian salads and side dishes, Bedouin food cooked under the ground, rice, vegetable stew, bread 



Other Included

bottled water


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Covid Safety

personal tours for each group/ family/couple/individual


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Tour Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 1 day(s) prior departure, Or traveler will pay 20 % of the tour amount

Tour Date Change Policy

Tour Date can be changed 1 day(s) prior departure

Good To Know

The longer your tour, the more authentic, immersive and adventurous your experience will be! Not only vill you see many more areas of the vast Wadi Rum desert, but you will be able to bond more with the camels and get absorbed into a different world.

We are happy to customize tours if you have a specific location in mind that you would like us to pass.


Is it safe to ride on a camel, or I might fall off?

No need to worry, are camels are all calm and friendly, and it is very easy to ride. Camel introduction and mounting instructions will be given before departure.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag, if I decide to spend a night out in the desert?

No, all sleeping materials .are provided

What if we cannot arrive in Wadi Rum as early as 9.30am?

No problem, we can start the tour at any time you arrive.

Do we need to bring our own water?

No, in addition to food, we provide cold, bottled water throughout the day, so one thing less to worry about carrying!

Is there an extra charge for sandboarding?

No, sandboarding can be arranged free of charge.

Will there be other tourists doing the same tour with us?

No, it is only you/ your group or family and the tour guide. Other tourists will go separately with a different guide.

Can I add different activities like longer hikes, sandboarding, or visits to certain places not in the original itinerary?

Yes! In order to get the full of experience and make the most of your time here, we recommend to try a variety of different activities. Especially for the longer multi-day tours it is very much possible to add hikes up bigger mountains (Al Hash, Burdah or Umm Addami). Some activities might require an additional fee.


Wild Wadi Rum Tours, Wadi Rum Protected Area, School Street، Wadi Rum Village, Jordan
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By Daniel Wilson

My family had a great experience with Wild Wadi Rum Tours. They offered the most customizable tours that I could find at a reasonable price. This was importing us as we visited with 2 young children, the youngest only 10 months. We spent 2 nights in their camp and were welcomed as if we were family. They took care of everything that we needed to include cold storage for baby food which was very nice! Definitely recommend this family run business to anyone interested in getting a great tour of on of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By Alex Karmann_Privat

We would give our experience 6 out of 5 stars if we could. Our guide, Eid, was very welcoming and passionate about his tours. The food was all local, with a large variety of buffet options for dinner. The sleeping accomodation was very comfortable. Our 2 night experience was well worth it. Depending on your preferences, Eid and his family offer a variety of options: hiking, jeep tours, camel rides, sunset tours, and more. His prices were very fair and Eid makes sure that all of his guests have a wonderful time.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By Toma Izabele Migdol

Undoubtedly the best Wadi Rum tours you will find - Salman and his beautiful family make you instantly feel like home and well taken care of. We went for the two day trip with camel ride and the whole day jeep tour. Local bedouin food was delicious, the camp hidden in a cosy corner of the desert had neat bathrooms and shower, and private tents and living space were traditionally decorated and spacious. The tour itself was well organised and we had plenty of time to enjoy every location in the desert. The family puts a personal touch to every part of the experience (such as sons playing traditional music after the dinner), everyone we met were extremely kind. I wholeheartedly recommend them and will definitely return again.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By Siewling Lay

I found the tour company while searching for hikes to Um Addami and it was a breeze trying to book the tour over just a few WhatsApp messages and emails with Salman. I even got my dates wrong but it was no problem changing that either. It was also very competitively priced for the things included. We turned up on the day and were offered tea by Salman’s brother before we were picked up by our guide for the tour which included the hike to Um Addami for a start and a few other amazing viewpoints/short walks. The guide was quite chatty at the beginning but got quieter thru the day, I guess it’s tough to be working this hard while fasting during Ramadan so I don’t blame him at all.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By Micha Akchoti

I only have amazing things to say about Wild Wadi Rum Tours. Our stay with Salman and his brothers has been by far the highlight of our trip to Jordan. They were always kind, warm, welcoming, helpful and flexible. We had opted for the three days camel tour (for which I would recommend a very thick foam or sponge protection between your legs, cause after a full day you'll get very sore). I would recommend a longer tour as this allows you to go in lesser known parts of Wadi Rum where they'll be much less tourists (if any). The camp is basic but comfortable, you'll have everything you need, with great food. It's also populated by a nice crowd, generally bagpackers, climbers. It allows you to avoid the whole influencer type of crowd you can have in other camps. Overall I would highly recommend Wild Wadi Rum Tours if you want an experience that feels true to the desert, to the bedouin culture. You will definitely never regret it or forget it