A week in Turkmenistan


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  • Duration:7 Day(s)
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  • Destination Country: Asia, Turkmenistan,
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    • Парфянские крепости Нисы
    • Мары
    • Газовый кратер \"Врата ада\"
    • Гёкдепе
    • Коу Ата
    • Ашхабад
    • Нокур
    • Бизнес центр \"Беркарар\"
    • Ашхабад
  • Pickup

    Ashgabat international airport

    From: To:
    10:00 AM 11:00 AM
  • Drop-off

    Ashgabat international airport

    From: To:
    1:00 PM 2:00 PM
  • Age Range 5 - 95 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights

Ashgabat city, Old Nisa, Turkmenbashy Ruhy Mosque, Abivert, ancient Merv, State Carpet museum, Karakum desert, Darvaza gas crater, Gülistan (Russian) bazaar, Kov ata underground lake, Altyn asyr bazaar, Nohur tribal village, Berkarar shopping center and many more.

Tour Introduction

Wonderful week in Turkmenistan which includes sights in Ashgabat and Mary cities, Nokhur village, and Darvaza gas crater.


Transfer and check in at the hotel. Have an excursion to old Nisa - included in the UNESCO World heritage list, is one of the capitals of Parthian empire. Visit Turkmenbashy Ruhy Mosque - main mosque in Turkmenistan.

En route visit historical sites: Abivert, Seyit Jemaleddin mosque. Sightseeing of Ancient Merv: Soltan Sanjar mauseleum, small and big Kyz-kala, Ibn Zeid Mauseleum, Erk kala and Gyaur kala. Transfer to airport to depart to Ashgabat.

Visit State Carpet museum. Drive through Karakum desert to Darvaza. Sightseeing tour and an walk in the Spark of Karakum. Traditional dinner in Darvaza. Drive from Darvaza gas crater to Ashgabat.

Visit Gulistan bazaar. Visit Gökdepe private horse farm. Drive to underground lake Kow ata - a natural Underground lake.

Visit local bazaar Altyn asyr a.k.a. Tolkuchka. Ashgabat city tour: Wedding Palace, Arch of Neutrality, Independence Park, Ferries Wheel, Constitution tower and Memorial complex.

Visit Nokhur tribal village it's cemetery, a waterfall and an old tree Chynar. Night city tour.

Visit Modern shopping center Berkarar. Transfer to Ashgabat city airport for departure.


Location Nights Type Property Name Rating Occupancy
Ashgabat 6 Hotel Sport 3 Shared
Pickup & Drop-Off
  • Airport Transfer
  • Bus Terminal
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  • Halal
  • Meat
  • Vegetarian

Breakfasts are provided by hotel. Also includes traditional dinner in Darvaza.

  • Taxi
Extra Services

Pre-arrival visa assistance is included.

Other Included

A small gift from agency is included.


  • Insurance

Other Excluded:

Visa fees after arrival are excluded.

Covid Safety

Turkmenistan has cancelled COVID precautions. However tourists who want to follow sanitary rules will be provided with necessary utilities.


Tour Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 30 day(s) prior departure, Or traveler will pay 50 % of the tour amount

115 USD is nonrefundable amount when tour package is purchased even if it is purchased before 30 days.

Tour Date Change Policy

Tour Date can be changed 15 day(s) prior departure


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