3 Days 2nights Mundari Cattle Camp Tour –South Sudan

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Tour Highlights


Day 1: Leave or transfer to Mundari Cattle Camp Community.

Day 2: Exploring Mundari Cattle Camp Community.

Day 3: Leave Mundari Cattle Camp and Drive Back To Juba city

Tour Introduction

This 3 Day South Sudan Mundari cattle camp tour takes you to explore the best of Mundari tribe, the scarified tribal people and their amazing horned white cattle, a top objective for travellers & photographers around the World and Nungi safaris, know the right places where the biggest cattle camps are found in South Sudan. In case you want to spend more time in the Mundari cattle camps in South Sudan, please let us know so that we can craft your photography tour that will cover other tribes in South Sudan.


Have breakfast, thereafter a driver guide from Nungi safaris will take you for covid19 test and thereafter proceed with your ultimate breathtaking journey to Mundari Cattle Camp in South Sudan. We will reach a cattle camp to organize our camping area and thereafter in the evening we head to admire the Mundari traditional way of life and sunset photography as well will be the highlight for this day Accommodation: Camping

The Mundari live to the north of Juba city, centred on the small settlement of Terekeka. Deriving a living from herding and agriculture they live in small villages and follow a largely traditional lifestyle. Custom dictates that young men and women are marked with a series of parallel V-shaped scars on their forehead – this tradition is now officially discouraged by the government and is starting to die out but most over the age of around 25 will sport these markings. The Mundari people are locally famed wrestlers, and on certain days of the week, young men from neighbouring villages gather to compete against each other in traditional shows of strength. This unpredicted gala is quite a spectacle as the men daub themselves with mud and etch patterns into their bodies, each trying to throw and hold the other to the ground. Watching the surrounding crowd is just as interesting as they cheer and sing songs for their respective teams. This is a chance to see a side of Africa that may not exist for much longer but you only get to experience this when you book our 3-day Mundari cattle camp tour to South Sudan Today You will spend a full day visiting Mundari cattle camp and villages, exploring their fascinating culture and customs. If you are lucky enough you will be able to witness the unpredictable wrestling gala. But in case you don’t get a chance to witness this spectacular wrestling while on this 3-day South Sudan Mundari cattle camp tour, you can always adjust the time and days of your travel to enjoy more of the Mundari cattle camp or else you can customize a package that will give you more time inside of south Sudan and in the Mundari cattle camps. Ask our experts The main focus of this tour will be on the beautiful historical architecture, sunrise and sunset in the cattle camps, you will be waking up every day at 6 am to catch up on the sunrise, and during the daytime, you will be having a community walk and overnight camping

After a final morning with the Mundari community, you will be transferred from Mundari cattle camp to Juba city –South Sudan’s Capital at the Royal palace hotel for day use, get your Covid19 certificate, have a short Juba city, and based on the departure time of your flight, our driver guide will transfer you to Juba international airport for your international flight back home and hence calling it to end of your 3 days South Sudan Mundari cattle camp safari tour expedition.


Accommodation on this trip will be in mobile camps.
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