10-Day wildlife and cultural experience Uganda.

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  • Destination Country: Uganda, Africa,
    • Entebbe International Airport
    • Kidepo Valley National Park
    • Murchison Falls National Park Uganda
    • Fort Portal
    • Semuliki National Park
    • Amabeere Caves
    • Kibale National Park
    • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
    • Lake Bunyonyi
    • Igongo Cultural Centre
    • Entebbe International Airport
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  • Age Range 12 - 85 (Years Old)
Tour Highlights

Trek gorillas in there natural habitant

Visit kidepo valley national park

Visist the ik cultural village for cultural performances

explore murchison falls national park

trek chimps in kibale national park

Relax at lake bunyonyi island

visit the ingongo cultural villange and shop your seveniours

Tour Introduction

Explore gorillas in the mist Overview Our fascinating 10- day safari takes you to one of the most beautiful places on earth- Lake Bunyonyi; face to face encounter with giants of the wild- the Mountain Gorilla and the chimpanzee. You will sight Africa’s third highest and most rugged mountain- the Rwenzori imposing in the distance as you leave Kibale NP. It all begins with a visit to Kidepo Valley NP- known as “Pure Africa un spoilt” for a true African safari, transfer to Murchison Falls NP- the world’s most powerful waterfalls. Enjoy!


Depart Kampala en route to Kidepo Valley NP. You will make occasional stopovers for lunch and a health break in between seeing the creative street barbecue, plantains and cassava roasts on the roadside. After 7 hours, first major stop will be Gulu Town for lunch. After, proceed to Kitgum town and ultimately reach Kidepo later in the evening. It is a long but scenic journey laced with crossing the great Karuma Falls that separates north from rest of Uganda and is home to the most dangerous crocodiles- the African Nile crocodiles. Kidepo ranks among Africa’s finest wildernesses. It is Uganda’s most isolated National Park, but the few who make the long journey north through the wild frontier region of Karamoja would agree that it is also the most magnificent park. It is a savannah landscape that extends far beyond the gazetted area, towards horizons outlined by distant mountain ranges and you will be able to see an unmarched plain beautiful terrain as far as your eyes can take you. Main Destination: Kidepo Valley National Park Accommodation: Kidepo Savannah Lodge (Safari Tent) • Mid-range tented camp bordering Kidepo Valley NP without fences

Start your day with an early morning breakfast. The breakfast is special because you will likely to be joined by any of the game (zebra, buffalos, and giraffe) at your doorstep as they also take an early morning snack (grass and leaves). After breakfast, depart for the proper game drive along the Narus Valley. Keep alert for giraffes, zebras, elands, oribis and elephants – and even the odd jackal. You may even be able to locate lions, sunbathing atop rocks, which is a sight for the world famous Lion King movie. Also witness the largest herd of buffalos along your safari drive today. After lunch, depart for a game drive in the vast savannah to the hot springs via the palm tree lined Kidepo River. (Optional) Search for ostrich’s, leopards and tortoises along the way. Main Destination: Kidepo Valley National Park Accommodation: Kidepo Savannah Lodge (Safari Tent) • Mid-range tented camp bordering Kidepo Valley NP without fences Meals & Drinks: • All meals included • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

Cultural bonanza- visit the IK people This is a full day activity. You depart early and return late in the evening. It is a cultural bonanza full day. You will take a detour of the IK village. Immerse yourself in the pure African culture of the IK from dressing, head gear, housing, dancing and eating among others. The IK people possess special hunting and gathering skills of wild game, edible fruits, flowers, leaves and tubers and this you will experience first hand. They reside on the mountain ranges and you also have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view downhill of Africa’s greatest savannah grassland. Also experience the efforts made at integrating the IK in everyday life activities like hygiene, health, education and farming. Main Destination: Kidepo Valley National Park Accommodation: Kidepo Savannah Lodge (Safari Tent) • Mid-range tented camp bordering Kidepo Valley NP without fences Meals & Drinks: • All meals included • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

After an early morning breakfast, transfer to Murchison Falls N.P.- Uganda’s largest national park famous for the breathtaking and powerful water falls where visitors marvel at how the world’s longest River- the Nile forces itself through a seven meter crack and thunders 45 meters downwards in a series of cascade creating an incomparable powerful natural sight. As you enter the park through the northern side, you commence the game drive immediately in the evening- enjoy the glorious African sun set away in the open savannah. With an African bonfire as your beautiful safari continues. Main Destination: Murchison Falls National Park Best Time to Visit December to February (Easier to spot animals) High Season June to September (Peak time for Uganda) Best Weather June and July (Less rain and lower temperatures) Accommodation: Fort Murchison (Room) • Mid-range lodge located just outside Murchison Falls NP Meals & Drinks: • All meals included • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

Today, you will hike to the top of the greatest waterfalls on earth. You will commence the day with more game drive along the largest conservation area in Uganda- the Murchison Park. After lunch, Go for a boat cruise around the delta and then down to the base of the fall where you will trek to the top of the falls. This is the highlight of your visit to Murchison with the most dramatic view of the waterfalls. The top of falls is where the sight and sound of the Nile crashing down in rapid falls makes an everlasting impression. En route you will see hippos, crocodiles and many bird species) coming down to drink water. You can opt for leaving the boat at Fajao Gorge, climb to the top of the falls and ask your driver to pick you up. It is at this point that you will have great opportunity to take memorable photos. This side of the river is very active with many animals and if lucky, you may spot the much sought after shoebill stock and many other beautiful bird species. Main Destination: Murchison Falls National Park Accommodation: Fort Murchison lodge • Mid-range lodge located just outside Murchison Falls NP Meals & Drinks: • All meals included • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

Depart Murchison Falls for Kibale National Park- home of the Chimpanzees. The journey takes you through the cool undulating tea plantations onto Fort Portal town also known as Uganda’s tourism town. Head straight to one of nature’s great mysteries- the sempaya hot springs where hot boilng water springs out of the earth. Locals use this water as a healing therapy. In the afternoon, drive to the Amabere gya Nyinamwiru (another great scientific wonder on the Great East African Rift Valley). Scientifically and geographically, the Amabere gya Nyinamwiru (which mean “the breasts of Nyina Mwiru") are stalactites and are made up of calcium carbonate. But they carry historical significance because it is where the leader of the Chwezi dynasty stayed and it explains how the 'Mabere' were formed. Here you learn about King Bukkukku, his daughter Nyina Mwiru and Nyina Mwiru's son Ndahura. Besides these hanging breasts, there is also a beautiful waterfall to top up this beautiful experience. Main Destination: Kibale National Park (Chimps) Accommodation: Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse • Mid-range guest house located just outside Kibale NP Meals & Drinks: • All meals included • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

Start the day with a relaxing breakfast and suck up the cool refreshing breeze of south western Uganda as you gaze at the neat lush green tea estates and rolling hills. In the morning, begin the chimp tracking at Kibale National Park- the primates capital of the world. The park is also home to a total of 70 mammal species, most famously 13 species of primate including the famous chimpanzee. It also contains over 375 species of birds. You will also visit some nearby iconic crater Lakes (in picture above) time allowing. After lunch, transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable NP as you catch glimpses of the mighty snow-capped Rwenzori Mountain in the distance. Arrive in Bwindi. It is here that the combination of the towering Bwindi impenetrable forest welcomes you as you prepare for the great ape tracking the next day. Sit by the imposing forest and enjoy the tranquil sounds of nature from forest insects to animals which give you the relaxing chance to reconnect with nature peacefully. Main Destination: Kibale National Park (Chimps) Accommodation: Gorilla CloseUp Lodge • mid range lodge bordering Bwindi NP without fences Meals & Drinks: • All meals included • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

Preparations begin quite early with a quick breakfast to enable you catch up with the tracking groups. The hiking and tracking is both beautiful, tiresome and adventurous. The terrain can be treacherous and muddy while the tracking can take anywhere from two- eight hours. But it is all worth it as face these dinosaurs known as “Gentle Giants.” Their gentle habits defy their size. You will be guided on how to behave in their presence as well as how to capture your lifetime memorable photos. You are restricted to only one hour with the gorillas because of safety and habituation reasons. See other animals and birds in the mist covered terrain. After tracking, depart Bwindi for Lake Bunyonyi. In Lake Bunyonyi- Africa's second deepest Lake & place that some travelers have with tears described as the most beautiful on earth, hike the hilly landscape to spot the over 30 islands connected like dots in the Garden of Eden which should leave you breathless! Main Destination: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Gorillas) Accommodation: Bunyonyi Overland Resort • mid range resort located in or near Lake Bunyonyi Meals & Drinks: • All meals included • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

After a relaxed morning breakfast still savouring the scenery, depart Lake Bunyonyi and head off towards Kampala. First stopover will be Biharwe Monument erected in commemoration of the “Biharwe Eclipse” which was dated by astronomers and historians to have taken place in the year 1520 AD and as the only scientifically dated event in the early history of the Great Lakes region. After, proceed to the Equator crossing- the imaginary line that divides the earth into two hemisphere. Watch water swirl into two different directions in a rare scientific experience. Here, your weight also drops by 3 kilograms due to some unique scientific occurrences on the equator. Transfer to Kampala for overnight at Bushpig Lodge. There is the option of enjoying the night life if you are not too tired. Main Destination: Kampala Accommodation: bunyonyi overland resort. • mid range resort located in or near Lake Bunyonyi Meals & Drinks: • All meals included • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

Craft centre Today you will have a totally relaxed and free morning. At mid-morning, you will be driven to the craft centre to buy some souvenirs. You can have some local lunch in Kampala or head to Entebbe and enjoy the African fresh tilapia or any continental meal. Later in the day, depart to the airport for your departure. Main Destination: No major destination visited Accommodation:No accommodation (End of tour) Meals & Drinks: • Lunch (Breakfast & dinner not included) • Drinking water (Other drinks not included) End of tour


Location Nights Type Property Name Rating Occupancy
kidepo valley national park 3 Lodge kidepo Savannah lodge 3 Star Private
murchison falls national park 2 Lodge fort Murchison lodge 3 Star Private
kibale forest 1 Lodge chimpanzee guest house 3 Star Private
bwindi national park 1 Lodge gorilla close up lodge 3 Star Private
Lake bunyonyi island 2 Resort bunyonyi overland resort 3 Star Private
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